Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Scouse House/Donk ... i must say the bits of it i've heard that aren't by Blackout Crew have been pretty horrid. In Liverpool, near FACT where I did the talk, and right next to the famous Probe Records was this dance store, a proper one with decks and white labels on the walls, but it was really eerily desolate, completely empty of customers, the records were all on sale -- minimal 12inches going ten for a pound, lucky bags of 12 inches sealed up 20 for a fiver, everything else was 50 percent off. Anyway there was a big section of Scouse/Donk on the wall and i listened to one called "Suck My Donk" and God but it was dire. There must be some other good tunes though apart from "Put a Donk On It" right?

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