Tuesday, October 20, 2009

funny thing happened actually -- i the funky house mixes on the big stereo in the living room and after about 20 minutes Kieran pipes up -- and bear in mind he never says anything about the music i play, seems to have virtually no interest in music -- "Dad, this isn't like the music you usually play" -- which made me chuckle, cos of course he's exposed to a really wide range of music (that he appears to never notice, certainly never remarks on) and yet he's sharp enough to know somehow that i'm playing something that "isn't the kind of thing Dad would be into". So i almost felt: there it is! from the horse's mouth! done and dusted! case closed! my own son can tell it's not my bag!

actually after chuckling i had to ask him what he thought about the music and he thought for 5 seconds and then said "it's okay". which is kind of how i feel about funky. about every tenth track there's a slightly rude bassline that starts to come through insistently and i perk up interest and get hopeful but then it's back to the soca/broken beat/reggaeton-like rhythm and that just doesn't do it for me.

i am still curious to hear it played out on a big system but then again i've been to enough clubs that i can kind of tell what a dance music's going to be like at massive volume -- and things like bassline --and at the start grime too -- i only ever heard at home and was crazy for -- i think it's just not for me, in the end.

now the wonky stuff though i do really like -- or rather i really like the wonky stuff that sounds like well produced and mellow-hash-stoned grime (Joker, he's totally like a cleaned-up terror danjah or davinche) OR (in zomby's case) it's really spaced-out and jelly-legged on Ambien and/or Robitussin dubstep -- so basically the wonky that is most Nuum-y i dig but the rest of it (hudson mohawke etc) sounds like 2nd rate dilla copyism or in flylo's case like dust bunnies of digital sound with the odd jazz chord coming through (nice enough i spose)

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