Monday, October 19, 2009

One thing in the withered-by-entropy blogpost folder was to write something about Bourdieu inspired by that Celine Dion book and the idea of the subtitle 'a journey to the end of taste'. it's an interesting book but leaves you at the end in some doubt about how criticism is even possible if you can't say X is bad or trivial. Also wanted to see if i could probe the tremendous aversion people have to the idea of being a snob (c.f. the anti-wyatting people, always sticking up for the common man).... see if it's possible to refloat the ideas of "cool" and "hip"... they must have had a point, at some point, presumably? Did you ever see that book about Rock Snobs (there's a whole series of these books, a film snob's guide, a food snob's guide)? there was a mocking reference in there to people who make a big fuss about knowing the difference between Nick Cave and Nick Drake and i thought 'hmmm, well if you actually care about music that is a rather consequential difference, that is knowledge worth having'.

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