Wednesday, October 21, 2009

you've always loved music for the personalities and backstories involved and the mystique of charisma, as much as for pure sonix, right? i can't understand people who aren't interested in all that (and the social/political/historical etc). it's not like taking those things in account is a depletion, it's an enrichment surely. i also can't understand people who aren't affected by the intent or integrity that something's made from. it matters to me if something's done cynically. even if i still loved the record, there'd be this twinge. i saw an Abba documentary the other day and it was really moving, you could see the love and dedication and fanaticism they had for making those records. they made heaps of money but they weren't mercenary (whereas Pete Waterman, although he was in the doc making worshipful comments about Abba, i'm not sure of). i think the same of the atmosphere surrounding the making of Off The Wall or Triumph, you just imagine quincy jones, MJ and rod temperton being in this totally visionary mindset, pursuing perfection way above and beyond making the records commercial or radio-ready. that's why i say the rockist value scheme can account for when pop is great.

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