Wednesday, November 7, 2012

jungle music

Saturday, November 3, 2012

a Nuremberg find, 10 euros: Urszula Dudziak, Newborn Light, hyperscat vocals + electric piano  from Adam Makowicz, 1972

can't find anything from that LP on YouTube but here's some of her other stuff 

this is her biggest song though, from the 1970s  but got popular again in the Philippines in late 2000s when it featured in a local TV game show, then spread in popularity to Latin America 


reminds me i always meant to "do" Flora Purim properly, on account of the FP sample in this artcore drum'n'bass lost treasure

a curio spotted in a record store

"Formed by Kieran O'Connor and Ken Elliott after the dissolution of the British progressive band Second Hand, Seventh Wave is an early example of a synth duo, a pop configuration that was to loom large in the 1980s. They released two albums in quick succession in the mid-70s, on which they showed a certain instrumental fecundity. Elliott's tools were a veritable catalogue of 70s synth technology (ARP, clavinet, Moog, Crumar strings, Mellotron), while O'Connor showed a distinct orchestral bent in his array of perucssion instruments. While their debut struck an uneasy balance between pop-rock and prog synth, they cultivated the latter influence more successfully on their next release. Both albums have been rereleased on CD, allowing a glimpse at an interesting, if lesser known, stab at early synth rock."

And here's the entirety of their earlier, less electronic album.

The amount of music released in the Seventies! (The Sixties and Eighties too, but particularly the 70s, the record industry just seemed to torrent the stuff out). Every time I go in a store I'm guaranteed to see artists I never saw or even heard of before, along with releases by artists I have heard of but have never see those particular discs. That was even more the case checking out stores in Germany where there's so much Euro-rock and odd post-Tangerine Dream/Jean-Michel Jarre stuff and fusion and  prog and ....  (Nuremberg a particular hot spot for used vinyl, but mention also needed of the great Optimal in Munich, where I passed on two albums by Alberto  Y Lost Trios Paranoias that i've never glimpsed before in all my years of digging).

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Glitter, screwed - "do you want to touch me" slowed tenfold....

(via Dangerous Minds)