Monday, July 28, 2014

(via this cool Dissensus thread on the Late Night City Aesthetic)

Oooh that flickering gtr lick

Kinda like a jazz-funk E2-E4
The axeman finding the intersection between Manuel Gottsching and George Benson

 The concept of "late night city" and the (an)aesthetic of smoooooov made me think of two things:

1/ R&B station I tuned into while in London in the summer of 2004 - a weekday transmission, in the small hours -- which I blogged about here:

Choice FM, 96.9 (pirate or legal?), Mondays after-midnight--Jenny Francis "The Slowdown". The eroto-langourous mist of Co-Ed’s "My Place", underpinned with post-"Sexual Healing" 808 clave-poings and basspulse; the softcore pornhaze of Usher’s "Seduction"; Brandy’s Coldplay/"Clocks" piano sampling "Should I Stay". Slowjamz as ambient; put-you-in-the-mood music. Extremism of lushness/loveliness/luxuriance--refuting Noise-dogma as surely as Shirley Brown and The Dramatics did back in the day. Texted in, dedications to "Tulse Hill man dem." 

2/ Thomas Leer's "Tight As A Drum" from the incredible 4 Movements EP

Which I described (for the Rip It Up compilation on V2) thus:

"A tingling, tremulous mist of synthetic sighs and shivers, "Tight as a Drum"
captures the frayed euphoria of a young man who's made it through 'til
dawn's early light

Friday, July 4, 2014


so cool

people are clever

and the sounds are good too

Woebot send me some of Sculpture's stuff a while ago, but on a burned CD!

But I think I have one or other of their actual platters too somewhere.

(via Tiny Mix Tapes)