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mouth music (voice snow, voice wind)

"The text consists of inuit words for various kinds of snow : apingaut , first snowfall; mauyk, soft snow; akelrorak , drifting snow ; pokaktok , snow like salt"

performers: Elektra Women's Choir

alternate version

more elemental music by R. Murray Schafer

"The wind, like the sea, possesses an infinite number of vocal variations...The wind is an element that grasps the ears forcefully. The sensation is tactile as well as aural. How curious and almost supernatural it is to hear the wind in the distance without feeling it, as one does on a calm day in the Swiss Alps, where the faint, soft whistling of the wind over a glacier miles away can be heard across the intervening stillness of the valleys. " - R. Murray Schafer

"All modern languages have colourful words to describe sound qualities. Numerous exercises could be devised to explore language onomatopoeia, starting by simply making lists of words in your own language that illustrate in sound the notion or object they are describing (gurgle, splash, bubble, smack, pop, etc.). But an exercise I prefer is to invent words in your own private language with onomatopoeic qualities. Try inventing some to illustrate the following: bell sneeze a bomb exploding a cat purring moonlight Here, for example are some onomatopoeic inventions for 'moonlight' given to me by 11-year-olds..."
- R. Murray Schafer

voicescape as chimescape

voicescape as chimescape #2

horse loop

soundtrack by Eno

beak-mouth (mouth-beak?) music

chimescapes (14 of ???)

plastics x 2

bonus plas bit

somewhere between punk and Pink

between shite and shiter

glowfi for the eyes

Video by Synopsis Music by Steve Roach Graphics by Denise Gallant/Brian Samuels from California Images:HiFi For The Eyes

our own very private idaho

similarly themed

eat my schwarz

chimescape (13 of ???)

GAMELAN SON OF LION's gamelan in the new world vol. 1 + 2 from vulcan gas company on Vimeo.


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beak music (bonanza!)

As written about in the new issue of The Wire by Francis Gooding, a massive public archive - anyone can upload or download - of bird song from all around the world: Xeno-Canto

396735 recordings! 9830 species! Nearly 6200 hours worth! 

I reckon they should start a special subsection for musical compositions based on bird song - samples or transcribed melodies.

That's my excuse to post this again:

Would dearly love to get the rest of this cassette by Ron Nagorcka - Lovregana: Music From A Tasmanian Forest - anybody got it?

cosmic twee

one of my favorite songs, whose existence i had quite forgotten about until revisiting the psych section of an earlier work

this is not one of my favorite songs, but I admire the "on point" era-chiming name, presumably a reference to the children's favorite 

the children's favorite later desecrated by hairy counterculturalists (you may wish not to click, it's hard to unsee)

a fost mâine

it's a good story  but i must say i don't love this stuff - it's a bit brash and well, grating

still it does hit the "lost future" meets Ostalgia sweet spot

capn boogie

shatire more like

no twit like a twit who thinks he's cleverer than

it would be almost listenable, in patches, if not for his awful personality suffusing every fibre of the sound

that voice!

the worst song in the world

"What is this shit?"  - Ike Turner




concrete down under

concrete and colour separation

more on Cantrill - sorry, on Cantrills

artists influenced by Arthur and Corrine - not sonically but visually 

Pink and White Terraces by Nova Paul from bob stein on Vimeo.

mouth music (i'm wishart on a star) (very very clever trevor indeed)

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psychotic reactions

always thought this was the best version (off of Pebbles Vol 1)

never knew that Positively Thirteenth O'Clock = Mouse and the Traps in disguise

Here's a not great version by The Fire Escape, who also nicked the song title as their album title

(i like that scoundrelly Sixties practice of rushing out a cover version in the hopes that confused consumers would buy the wrong version)

the original

this got to #5 in the US charts! exciting days

the guys look like they can't believe their luck

there's been a shitload of cover versions - at the time and then later

hard to go wrong with it in some ways

then again

that involved an early JJ Cale

Much better is this groovy soul version


Eighties psych-redux and nu-garage

we'll skip the Cramps shall we?

ditto Tom Petty + Heartbreakers


briefly covered / defaced amid "Swastikas On Parade" from The Residents Third Reich N Roll

Ah almost forgot about this echo

A rave and hardcore compilation from 92 that I reviewed at the time

Quite a few of the tracks on it are "in the spirit" of the Count Five / Positively Thirteenth O'Clock

Like this immense tempest by Holy Ghost Inc, titled "Jihad" on Give Peace A Dance Vol 3 but "Psycho Missus" on their own 12 inch EP (one of the grrrrrrrreat H-core EPs, going for as low as $2 on discogs)

Holy Ghost = one of my hardcore heroes

Here's a review of Nuggets where I trace the spiritual affinity between garage punk and bedroom rave

More madness from Give Peace A Dance Vol 3 (madness enlisted versus M.A.D.-ness i.e. mutually assured destruction - all profits and royalties to CND)

And some slightly mellower madness

(where does that "it'll make you go ooh na na na" sample come from then, peeps?)

Mellower still

Madder again

Interesting that the compilers would go with the subtitle "Psychotic Reactions", wonder if they knew their Sixties garage punk. It's a good title and serves to differentiate from the previous volume of Give Peace A Dance, which was subtitled "The Ambient Collection"

mouth music - the original mouth music

from this album

kiwitronica (1 of ???)

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mouth music versus chimescape (1 of ?)

"June 21 (summer solstice) of 2012 in the maze of alcoves of Oakland's funeral home, crematory and columbarium Chapel of the Chimes"

chimescape (13 of ???)

[via post-ambient]

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chimescape (12 of ???)

[via post-ambient]

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száj zene

a fost mâine

bolo to zajtra

burnos muzika

bu yarındı

munn musikk

den tapt fremtid


and this one I watched in 1978

SS-GB on TV is due soon, isn't it?

always think it's a bit lazy that so many "if Axis Powers won WW2 "novels involve detective or police based plots.... i suppose it's a way of having a narrative that cuts across many levels of society or the power structure, or exposes the nefarious inner doings... but it would be more interesting to have the perspective of more 'bystander' type figures... which is what Philip K. Dick did so brilliantly with The Man in the High Castle (although with more power-structure type plot lines worked in there as well). I have no idea if the TV version of Man in High Castle carries that across - I suspect not - because i stopped watching it after two episodes, just couldn't stand it - mostly the look of it, that obviously CGI-d look of buildings, cityscapes etc. And the cheap noir and action-orientation.  How much more chilling and effective to show an altered world from its nondescript, backwater zones

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It's Different for Gils

jazzer who got the electronics bug big time resulting in this classic OST

and then this

here's Gil showing off his self-cobbled instrument the Percussotron

The Andromeda Strain vinyl was released in hexagonal form - a gimmick worthy of Underground Resistance

another OST

a TV theme tune?

more TV stuff

well he kept on doing stuff with synths and drum machines

squeakadelic (magneto Peru, is it you?)

chimescapes (8 of ???)

Voix Inouïes

száj zene (souvenir de K.)

mouth music (futurist octet)

rock 74

ah! i was puzzled why it was called All That Glitters, given that the no-hoper prog group is not exactly glittery

and it turns out that is part 2 of a doc, whose first bit is all  about the very glittery (and successful)  Sweet

and in odd appropriateness, the first glammer part is filmed in full-colour, and the second glummer part in black and white


be Stiff? - both were (at least for a moment, in Devo's case)

i feel a  musical resemblance here:

well i have mooted a bunch of times now that Blockheads = best Brit groove band since the Stones

and in a sense Devo are perhaps the greatest antigroove band of all time... but to antigroove actually requires being able to groove in the first place (no surprise in a way that Casale was schooled in blues of every kind)

and that one just purely rocks immensely

rearranging the grammar of rock with a radical stringency as surely as Gang of Four or Television

the full EP on which "Blockhead" (Devo's) first appeared

well you learn something everyday, i did not know that EP even existed

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apocalypses then

and a bonus one - via Andrew Parker - a New Zealand apocalyptic movie i never heard of that looks pretty interesting


Future Shock

L.A. 2017


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the incineration loops

"Nostalgia", from the Hapax Legomena series

bonus exp. film

wonder if this is where Eno got the name of his experimental rock group of very-end-of-Sixties

biographer says it comes from a thought experiment of physicist James Clark Maxwell