Wednesday, August 31, 2022

avian-garde music


this unfindable self-released cassette by the Australian field recording / sound artist / experimental musician Ron Nagorcka was actually reissued last year I recently noticed, with another similar nature sounds recording on the flip

release rationale:

Ron Nagorcka (1948) is a composer, performer, and naturalist. In 1988 he moved to a remote forest in northern Tasmania, where he built his own house and solar-powered studio (some fascinating photos of his home-studio are present in the booklet attached to this release).

This CD collects his first works recorded in his forest residence in Tasmania, his music sites on the borderline between documentation and the fictional landscapes.

Are among the strangest, most fascinating, most intense field recordings based works and an essential chapter in the history of Australian experimental music.

"I can only hope it will encourage people to discover for themselves the mysterious harmony that is wilderness." Ron Nagorcka 1988 

That particular track "Lemarrcootya (Grey Thrush)" in the YouTube clip ABOVE is probably my ab fav example of "beak music" aka avian-garde music, indeed I've posted it here before. But the whole album is lovely and well worth a listen / purchase