Thursday, November 28, 2013

horses horses horses

Never noticed before, the spoken bit is by Jenny Agutter.

Almost certainly because of this film.

Quite possibly because of  a certain scene.

"Horse" was a word that Paddy Mac was partial to. See also "Horse Chimes" on Protest Songs.

Been on a bit of a Prefab Sprout jag this week. Steve McQueen is the immaculate execution, as we all know. Swoon has some good bits, albeit "underproduced" as they say. From Langley is nearly all cloying cack.   

Surprise for me was relistening to Jordan: The Comeback for the first time in a long time - a record I'd always gauged as the proverbial "return to form" Masterpiece (reunion with T. Dolby, producer of McQueen, songwriting reaches a mature peak of melodic and lyrical magisterialitude). And which I wrote up as such at the time. But hearing now, ooh but there's rather a lot of sickly sonic confections and edging-into-insufferable lyrical conceits.  The "Ice Queen" suite sounded least marred by the passage.  That and the opening sally of "Atlantis" and "Wild Horses" (a #1 Billboard R&B Chart hit, in a different universe, a la H. League's "Human" in this the universe in which we dwell).

Can't remember if I ever heard Protest Songs. Must have done, at least once. Made no impression, clearly. I have most of the later records, in one form or other, but never got round to them. A bad fan, I am.  But in that respect closer to a regular punter probably - faced with the choice of a first-time Andromeda Heights or the 112th listen to Steve McQueen, I'll go with the latter.

Sunday, November 3, 2013