Wednesday, October 2, 2013

retroformalist compositions

Latest in Benge's Forms series of explorations of the aesthetic capacities of a specific "outmoded"  electronic sound-generation machine:

"This time the whole record was made on the Ensoniq EPS. Its a digital workstation made in 1987. This particular synth was GIVEN to me by a Foxxy fan and friend called Steve Lamb - THANKS STEVE!!!! I love this synth - actually when I first started out making music properly in my bedroom my first sampler was an Ensoniq Mirage, and the samples and sounds on this album are all based on the legendary Mirage sound library. The EPS goes a bit beyond the Mirage in terms of layering and creating complex sounds. Its a really fun synth to play on! Once I got in the mood for 80s home-recording I decided to buy an old computer off eBay and make a video for the release - so I present my Sinclair ZX Spectrum+ rubbish video, which I programmed in BASIC "

Also most enjoyable was his earlier Forms essay with the Buchla 100

And the video

Benge's blog It's Full of Stars is a bonanza of synth porn