Thursday, December 18, 2014

the Bad Music Era (84-85-86) [slight return]

The strange shit my country comes up with...

Confession: I did like the Blow Monkeys for a moment... even interviewed Dr Robert....

now a little self-mystified I confess

pretty man, though, Robert

as was

ooh gosh, always forget about these guys -- front cover of Melody Maker shortly before I started writing for it

Could go on endlessly (not touched Goth or psychobilly or wide-brim hat indie or Kitchenware or ...) but I'll leave it with this one (who i actually reviewed live, early on, severely paying my dues - and eviscerated, naturally)

And then this one - by a groop that had its supporters at MM at the time - not my gang obviously, we loathed them - but which I curiously find compulsively watchable now, as a sort of aesthetic car-crash - the sight 'n 'sound of  British Post Post-Punk Rock Culture Going Down the Plug Hole (which it really felt like it was, pre-MBV etc)

Oh and finally-finally -  this also-oddly-compulsively-watchable, almost inexplicable piece of music / visuals, which - hard though it may be to believe - actually involves a former member of The Pop Group and later of Rip Rig and Panic (who I'd also lump in the Bad Music Era folder if I was feeling mean)

strange strange shit my country came up with - and still comes up with

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