Friday, January 9, 2015

songs i liked from before my sense of what was cool and uncool was established

quirkstep from theatrical prog-glam-artrock troupe  who quickly restyled themselves New Wave

Ken Lockie, former associate of K. Levene

Old Waver adapts swiftly to the New Wave

sounds very like early Simple Minds, that does - and they were Bebop Deluxe fans, am I right? Or was that in fact Stuart Adamson / The Skids?

Why the French accent?

Both these tunes got a lot of Peel play

this next one made the charts

unfortunate placement of J. Saville's voice there at the front of a song about someone who's "not yet a woman"

never noticed that "17" is a bit like an unfeminist Delta 5

J. Burchill wrote a brutal take-down of M & Muffins LP saying how small the topics and targets of the New Wave were c.f. punk  - but I like that thing of writing about buildings, food, roads (XTC) .... mundane stuff... anything but love and loneliness....

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