Saturday, April 10, 2021

New Wave eye candy special "SQUARE PEGS" edition

In celebration of Anne Beatts  (RIP) - the creator of pioneering 1980s geekcom Square Pegs.  Dig the New Wavey color-scheme of the intro, the gawky-sassy uncool-cool theme by The Waitresses, the episode where Devo perform at a bat mitzvah, and the high school Noo Wave band fronted by Johnny Slash. 

Tribute to / interview with Beatts by Joy Press.

                                                   The Devo episode at Dailymotion

                                             Johnny Slash performing "Totally Tired"

Intro again (to the pilot episode) + appearance of the Waitresses at the high school dance 

For context - at that time on American network TV, if anything recognisably punk or New Wave featured, which was rare indeed, it was almost always as ridiculous caricatures of  troubled / dangerous youth e.g. 

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