Saturday, September 17, 2022

angel delights

Go on - listen to that gorgeous bubble bath of synthtronica!

Another vintage release, with a video 

Can't miss the chance to replay another Angel Rada fave already aired once on this blog - "Carillon" - squeaky froth rapture, a cup of joy brimming o'er!

Four of his records have been Creel-ed recently as one mega-release - probably my favorite thing they've done since the Ann Southam

From the blurb:

"What all of these records have in common is a (certainly) unique approach to musical time, largely eschewing the sequencer-motorik that perhaps dominated late-70s/early-80s Synth-based music in favor of a rubato, hand-played and dareisay "Romantic" approach that, when coupled with the egregious use of Tape Saturation & wildly variable fidelities (it helps that the physical records utilized herein were well-loved prior to replication; Rada having been something of a staple in the Reckankomplex-era afterparty "Comedown" hours, thus fomenting the idea of the coming C.P. wave being all about specific copies of records rather than idealized versions) and Time-based effect comes across as proper deviation from the norms. It helps that this music was being created, in private, halfway around the world & hemispherically-divided from the "Centers" of Electronic Music, lending a certain home-spun, folkloric tone that is highly appealing.

"There are precious few precedents for a wholly original Home-studio Electronic Music that hit the mark in anywhere near as satisfying a way; Nicolas "Nik Pascal" Raicevic's storied Narco run comes to mind, as do those Cultural Noise & Bizarre Ko.Ko.Ko sets, but even then these are all unique outliers against a grander trend of homogeneity (differentiate, say, any number of Innovative Communication LPs from each other: you can't) that just outlines how special & forward-thinking they ultimately were, in retrospect.

The only thing I can compare is perhaps Ralph Lundsten, in the overall textural palette and vibe -  but without the kitschy-kooky aspect - this is just pure aching earnest beauty

It behooves me to point out that Angel Rada albums are also available on Bandcamp 

for instance "Carillon" and its LP home Upadesa =

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